March 2018

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Being America’s Salt & Light

Our calling: Matthew 5:13-16

Our Constitutional republic, with its intricate checks-and-balances system, has flourished for over two centuries. As a foundational element of our democracy, a free and independent press has traditionally acted as our “fourth branch” of government. Its role has been to ask hard questions, ferret out malfeasance, and publicly expose the abuse of power within the government. For our nation to remain true to its values, a fully functional free press is essential.
Unfortunately, the mainstream media no longer adequately fulfills this role. Instead, the media has become agenda driven, rather than truth driven. The press has become prescriptive rather than informative. Instead of reporting about events, allowing informed citizens to decide, the media tells us how we should internalize and interpret the news, and it’s all based on their politically correct Progressive worldview. Events that support their globalist, climate change agenda are good, while those that place the actions of the United States in a positive light are not good. Their reporting is based on their ideological beliefs. They assert that America is an imperialist nation, and we have no legitimate right to be the leader of the free world.
Essentially, the mainstream media has become so left wing that its journalism and reporting can no longer be fully trusted. That’s the bad news.
The good news is America’s social media is rapidly eclipsing and replacing the traditional role of the press. Through Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and other sources, grassroots digital news networks have evolved, especially when it comes to editorializing about political events. Now, instead of being forced to listen to left wing pundits, simply because their perspective has been all that is available, patriotic Christian Americans have numerous options, including the monthly Briefing from In God We Trust.
It is our goal and our purpose to inform fellow Christ followers like you about events from a biblical perspective. We also want to provide you with a platform, around which you can unite with others, that is based on a Christ-centered view of reality.
Because of the malice of the Left, and their contemptuous hatred for Christianity, it is up to us to band together and present a united front in opposition to the godlessness of Progressivism. To have the impact required to transform our nation, our numbers need to grow exponentially. We must become so large that our united voice cannot be dismissed, especially by those who despise the cause of Christ. This is why our monthly Briefing is so important. It will keep you informed. You can count on it. Will you share this with another who shares our faith and values?

News From the Heartland

• Immigration issues, the building of a wall on our southern border, DACA, the end to chain immigration, and the end to the immigration lottery system remain significant issues that require resolution, as does rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Let us remain in prayer about each of these issues.

• Because of the prayers of Christian warriors for transparency, along with the efforts of principled Congressmen, massive corruption within the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the Deep State is being exposed to the light.

• Our prayers for Americans, who have been left behind, are working. Currently, the unemployment rate for African-Americans is the lowest it has been since 1972. This is very good news. Unemployment for women is also at its lowest level since 2001.

• With the passage of the Tax Bill, lowering corporate taxes from 35% to 21%, along with extra incentives for corporations to repatriate funds from overseas, hundreds of companies have responded positively, including Apple. They intend to spend $350 billion in the USA, thanks to strong Presidential and Congressional leadership.

• Sanctions against North Korea seem to be having some success, but not enough to force North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to abandon his nuclear ambitions. This is a problem that could lead to a war that nobody wants. We will continue to pray for peace, but not one resulting from appeasement.

Intercessory Prayer

Our Gracious God and Heavenly Father,
When we take a good look around us at our great nation, it is hardly recognizable to the one that we used to be. It is no longer the land we remember from our youth—not even close. In America, what was once taught to be right is now considered wrong, including our ability to proclaim our belief in biblical values. Our beliefs are now considered to be “Hate Speech” by the Progressives who dominate our schools, our media, and our world of entertainment. The mass media have imposed their value system upon our great nation, and it has nothing to do with You, Your Ways, or Your precepts. Instead, the purveyors of America’s “New Truth” proclaim a form of righteousness that champions Evil and depravity, while castigating the traditional values that Americans have held since our founders came to the New World to create a “City on a Hill” centuries ago.
We recognize the unrighteousness of the Progressives’ values. We cringe at how repulsive and offensive the lifestyles of these proud self-described elites have become. Contemptuously, they attack our biblical beliefs, while they champion a way of life that is exploitative. They view their deviancy as normal and acceptable. In their depravity, their hearts have become hard and their minds have become seared. Leading millions astray, they champion the darkness and call it light. As we look at the deterioration of the values that once made America great, coupled with a profound hatred for You and for Your children, our hearts are so profoundly grieved, just like Your heart must be too. We know this is not what You want for America, nor is it what we want. As Your children, we recognize it is our responsibility and our privilege to be strong, as we stand firmly against the plans and schemes of the Progressives. Help us counteract their detestable worldview. Give us the strength for the task ahead. Embolden us to remain solid and unified as we embark on our quest to restore our beloved nation to greatness. We ask this in Christ’s Name, Amen