June 2018

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Standing with Israel Is God’s Will

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu

Showing determination, courage, and profound intestinal fortitude, President Trump has stood strong for Israel since his inauguration in 2017. By choosing to obey the law passed by the Senate in 1996, Trump authorized the embassy of the United States to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the ancestral capital of the Jews for more than 3,500 years. Fulfilling his campaign promise, Trump pleased the citizens of Israel, as well as Orthodox Jews and patriotic Christians in America. Because we know how important events like this are prophetically, Evangelicals in America have been more supportive of Israel than nearly any other group. We know that God will bless America for standing with Israel, and we also know that He will curse those nations who do not.

Unfortunately, there are many who opposed what President Trump has done, both at home and abroad. As Israel celebrated its 70th anniversary of independence on May 14th, which was also the day our embassy opened in Jerusalem, Hezbollah revolted violently in the Gaza Strip. Despite being warned repeatedly not to do so, the demonstrators actually tried to breach the fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip. The Israel Defense Force was forced to fire upon them. The images of the conflict were gruesome. As the entire world watched in horror, many Palestinians lost their lives, while many others were seriously wounded.

Predictably, Israel was blamed for what happened, but that’s not all. At the United Nations, the United States was also vilified because we moved our embassy. In the Security Counsel, one nation after the other, including many of our allies, condemned us for simply recognizing what has been true for thousands of years. Even worse, by a margin of 177 to 15, the United Nations voted to nullify and condemn our actions.

Despite this, or perhaps in spite of it, President Trump has remained immovable about his decision. At In God We Trust, because we recognize the significance of this concerning the End Times, we support what President Trump has done wholeheartedly. He did the right thing at the right time for the right reason. Because he did, we applaud his bold, decisive leadership.

News From the Heartland

• The stakes couldn’t be higher in the on-again off-again negotiations with North Korea, concerning dismantling its nuclear program. Let us pray that President Trump remains strong and determined to keep us safe, and that he not capitulate like his predecessors have.

• With the United States leaving the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, tensions in the Middle East will continue to intensify. By leaving, America now stands in the way of Iran creating a Crescent Caliphate, which would stretch across Iran and Iraq to Syria. If the USA didn’t stand in Iran’s way, this Caliphate would present a clear and present danger to Israel’s survival.

• As the level of corruption and malfeasance at the Department of Justice and the FBI continue to be revealed, please pray that the truth be uncovered. As Christians, we should always stand for transparency and not for shady secrecy.

• With the midterm elections approaching, our corporate prayer is for righteous leaders to be elected. Our goal is to retake our beloved nation back from the brink of destruction.
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• Obviously, nobody is in favor of shootings at schools, but we must also pray that our second amendment rights are not abridged.

Intercessory Prayer

There is a stirring in the land. Those who loathe and detest Your Son, our Lord, and Your will for America are plotting and scheming numerous ways to abrogate the rights of those of us who want nothing more than to live in peace and be able to pursue our lives free from godless restraints. The Progressives, however, in their desire for power, want to impose their will and their values on Christians. Right now, throughout America, they are making a concerted effort to create a tidal wave of victories this November that will nullify everything we have gained by standing strong for the United States of America.

If they are successful, which they are certain they will be, their goal will be nothing less than nullifying our inalienable rights. In the dark recesses of their hearts, they intend to remake the land of the free and the home of the brave into something our forefathers never envisioned or desired. They talk about American values, but what they desire is a nation that is nothing like the “City on the Hill” that our forefathers created for the entire world to see and to emulate. We cannot allow the Progressives to prevail this November. Unfortunately, in America there are millions who are foolish. Like Esau, they have been willing to sell their birthright for the promise of false security; but there are also millions who have obeyed You by refusing to bow their knees to Progressivism. Father, rouse Your Children throughout our precious nation, and strengthen us with Your Holy Spirit. Allow us to stand firmly against the onslaught of the Left’s Totalitarianism of Thought, Militant anti-Christianity, and mindless politically correct groupthink. We ask all of this from You in Christ’s precious name,