July 2018

Featured Story

Despite Being Successful,
We Are Divided

In the United States, Our Economy is booming.

We are experiencing an unprecedented growth rate that is now performing well above 4%, but none of what is happening was predicted. Just two short years ago, economists gloomily—but consistently—predicted that we would experience no better than 1% growth for the foreseeable future. However, that was before the Trump growth agenda was launched.

Because of deregulation and massive individual and corporate tax cuts, our economy is now performing better than any other nation on the planet. The numbers don’t lie. They reveal exactly how well we are doing.

In just eighteen months under President Trump’s leadership, 2.2 million have been removed from the food stamps (SNAP) program. Unemployment is at 3.8%, a generational low. Black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at all-time lows. This means anybody in America who wants a job can have one. This is outstanding news.

Wages have risen, and they continue to rise. Median household income is up more than $2,000 per worker, and homeowners have an additional $10,000 in equity that previously did not exist. Those with 401(k)s have also benefitted greatly.

What is happening internationally is just as positive. Although a great deal of work remains to be done, it appears that our nuclear confrontation with North Korea will be resolved, and the entire Korean peninsula will become a nuclear-free zone. By moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, our support for Israel, which was tenuous at best during the previous administration, has been firmly reestablished. God will bless America for this. Plus, the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal has been discarded, and our NATO allies are finally beginning to pay their fair share for their own defense. All of this is good news.

Despite turning around our economy in such a dramatic fashion, and reestablishing America’s power globally—both of which should make every American happy—the divisions within our nation remain deep and wide. For patriotic Christians like us, these are the best of times, but for the Progressive Left, these are the worst of times. They do not view the world as we do.

That we are so far apart in our beliefs and our values is not healthy for our nation, but the resolution for this issue is not for us to compromise our convictions. Instead, we must become less timid and much stronger. In a loving and gracious way, we must stand strong for our Judeo-Christian worldview and proudly proclaim that we are not ashamed of the Gospel.

News From the Heartland

• With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, President Trump will appoint his second Supreme Court Justice. Let us pray that the President selects a wise and godly jurist for this lifetime appointment.

• Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem. Please pray that our Congressional leaders put aside partisan bickering and pass a comprehensive immigration bill that protects our nation’s sovereignty.

• Although our economy is booming, our trade deficits are a major threat to our sustained prosperity, and it adversely impacts our mounting debt crisis. Keep this issue in prayer, and ask that fair and reciprocal trade agreements be reached.

• Issues concerning the FBI become more troubling each day, as knowledge of the Bureau’s illegality and corruption continue to surface. Please pray that everything done in the darkness be exposed to the light of day.

• As the midterm elections begin to dominate the news, please pray for discernment for American voters. Ask God to give our fellow citizens wisdom about which candidates are true and loyal, versus those who are evil, self-serving, and corrupt.

Intercessory Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Since the day I first invited Christ to come into my life, I have wanted to know Your Will and to follow it, but frequently this has been on my terms and not on Yours. In spite of my protestations and testimony to the contrary, my personal ambitions, desires, and striving to achieve have dominated my life more than I have been willing to admit. Although I accepted Christ to be my Lord and my Savior, it was still much about me and my perpetual desire to achieve.

Over the years, although I never intended to waver or become a marginal believer, in more ways than I care to admit, this is exactly what I became, despite my outward denial. On the inside, where it really counts, something inside of me winced. Instead of being a strong, bold, courageous, and immovable force for You, I became timid, hesitant, and demurring—almost as if my faith could only be expressed in safe places and with safe people. In the deepest recesses of my heart, I know that this is true, and I need to confess my timidity openly and honestly before You. I also need to acknowledge that this is not who I want to be, nor is it who I intend to be from this day forward.

Instead, I want to steadfastly assert that I will not be ashamed of You, of Your Son, of Your Word, or of the Gospel that has the power to penetrate the darkness and transform it into light. I will not be ashamed to be the person You have called me to be, and I will not be ashamed to stand strong for You, for my family, and for our mighty nation, the United States of America. For as many of my numbered days as remain to be lived, I intend to use each of them to be the salt that is required to counter our depraved, corrupt, and decadent society. My purpose will be to relentlessly and consistently transform our beloved nation into the “city on a hill” You desire for it to be. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is necessary to strengthen, to sustain, and to lead me, this is my commitment to You today,