February 2018

Featured Story

Israel Celebrates 70th Birthday in May.

1. End of the 1948 war between Israel and Palestine: Procession 2. David Ben-Gurion

On May 14, 1948, the modern nation of Israel was founded, the day after the British Mandate in the region ended. After suffering at the hands of the Nazis, with six million Jews being exterminated in Europe during World War II, the survivors of the Holocaust chose to resettle in the Holy Land, rather than return to war-torn Europe.

The day Israel signed their declaration of independence, with David Ben-Gurion—the George Washington of Israel—being the first to sign, there were just 1.1 million Jews in the small nation. Instead of this being a cause for celebration worldwide, Israel’s declaration of independence precipitated an attack on them the following day by Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. It was the goal of these Muslims to drive the fledgling nation of Israel into the Mediterranean Sea and to kill every Jew—man, woman, and child. Almighty God, however, had a different destiny.

As the Apple of His Eye, God still had a prophetic purpose for Israel—one that is repeatedly being revealed to us before our eyes. When Israel began, its population was about the size of San Jose, California. Now, seventy years later, it is as large as New York City, with a population of about 8.8 million. Israel is still surrounded by hostile Islamic nations that outnumber them by more than ten-to-one.

As the nation of Israel makes plans to commemorate its independence, let us support them with prayer, especially for their safety. Israel’s greatest friend in the world is the United States. Among our citizenry, it is the unwavering loyalty of born-again, Spirit-filled Christians like you and me, along with many in the Jewish-American community, who are the driving force for our steadfast commitment to the Holy Land.

News From the Heartland

• With the increase in the GDP for the last three quarters being above 3%, which has not happened in many years, America’s economy is finally humming again. With the NYSE above 25,000 for the first time in history, the tax bill being passed, consumer confidence the best it has been in this millennium, and unemployment for African-Americans the lowest it has been since 1972, America is being blessed by Almighty God. We readily and gratefully acknowledge this.

• With the opening of Anwar and offshore drilling, coupled with the deregulation of the gas, oil, and coal industries, the United States is poised to become an energy-exporting nation. Our dependence on Saudi Arabia, along with other Islamic nations, for our energy will soon be a thing of the past. Our prayer should be that every American gratefully recognize and support this policy of energy independence.

• Illegal immigration continues to be a major area of concern for the United States. With the Progressives in Congress desiring open borders, our security continues to be threatened by those who are incapable of recognizing the threats we face. Let us pray that President Trump remains resolute about the need for a Wall of protection on our Southern border, an end to chain migration, and the termination of the nonsensical lottery program for immigration.

• Tensions with North Korea continue to escalate. After twenty-five years of the failed policy of “Strategic Patience,” President Trump has finally addressed the nuclear threat of Kim Jong Un forcefully and straightforwardly. Nevertheless, this remains an area of concern that requires our faithful prayer and fasting. Specifically, we need to pray for a peaceful resolution for this problem, without capitulating to the communist North Korean dictator.

Intercessory Prayer

Our Gracious God and Heavenly Father, We are your children—reborn by Your Holy Spirit Because of everything Your Son did to redeem us. Despite this, with humble hearts, we come before You today To admit and to acknowledge that there is much more That we can do and should be doing to be salt to our culture And light to the nation we love and cherish so dearly. Because we have been remiss and inconsistent in our duty As citizens, as well as being deferential, we have allowed Children of darkness to lead us, rather than those who willingly Embrace Your light, Your ways, and Your will for our nation. Instead of insisting upon leadership that is ethical and honest, We have chosen men and women who appear blind to Your truth. They have established laws that have lead us away from You. To enforce their ways, they have exalted wrong, calling it right, While vilifying values that are right, calling them wrong. Father, this is the true report, but it does not need to be the end Of the story for the United States. We are not done yet— Not as long as we have the opportunity to come before You And seek Your Face. We ask that You lead Your children To repentance and stir them to be active in changing the direction Of our great nation. There are still multiplied millions of Americans Who remain loyal to You. They not only love, honor, and respect Your name, but they also maintain a deeply held belief that America Is still a great nation, and we have a role and purpose to play In your great plan of redemption. For this reason, we ask that You stir all of Christ’s followers with Your Holy Spirit. Let them stand tall And become resolute, as we battle forces of evil within our nation, While also being steadfast and firm in opposing our foreign foes worldwide. We ask this in Christ’s Name, Amen.