April 2018

Featured Story

On A North Carolina Farm

In 1934, kneeling on a dusty field on a dairy farm just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, a group of men met for a day of prayer.

They had an agenda. Their plea was to Almighty God, and they asked Him to raise up a man from Charlotte, anoint him, and task him with preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost—not just in North Carolina, but to the ends of the earth. The dairy farm belonged to the Graham family and, at that time, Billy Graham was an unsaved lad of fifteen.
Two years later, Billy invited Christ to come into his heart, and the rest is history. The prayer of these faithful men was answered. With the passing of Billy Graham, his time on earth is over, but his influence for Christ has been multiplied in the hearts of millions worldwide.
Now, eighty-four years after that day of prayer, nobody remembers who those nameless, faceless men were, but their plea at the Throne of God on behalf of North Carolina and the entire world continues to bear Fruit of the Spirit. What they did has long been forgotten by nearly everybody, but the power of their prayer changed the course of history. Millions have been introduced to Christ because of the seed those godly men planted.
Despite experiencing want and poverty during the Great Depression, they did not simply pray for themselves or for an end to their economic woes. Although their prospects were bleak, they had a vision for the future. Instead of being consumed with themselves, they thought of the millions who were suffering, enduring depravation without the comfort that comes from being assured of the love of their Eternal Father in Heaven.
Today, our post-modern world is much different than the agrarian lifestyle of those farmers in 1934, but our mandate remains the same—exactly the same. As Christians, we have the same power and authority these men possessed, and when we are unified, the power of our corporate prayer has the same capacity to rock Heaven and earth—just like their prayers did long ago.
Because we know this, because we believe this heart-and-soul, we are committed to retaking our beloved nation from the godless Progressives. We are reclaiming it for Christ—just like those nameless mighty men did in the 1930s. At In God We Trust, it is our purpose to raise an army of mighty men and women, from across the nation, to stand for God in the face of societal decadence, corruption, and perversion. When we are united, being of one mind and spirit, as we bow our knees on behalf of the nation we love so dearly, we can move mountains and return America to the beliefs that once made us so mighty.
Will you join us and be a man or woman of purpose? Will you stand with us and be counted? Nothing in Heaven or on earth can stop us, when we are pursuing the will of Almighty God and are empowered by the guiding steps of the Holy Spirit. Remember that and be comforted.

News From the Heartland

• The safety of our children in school is essential. Please pray that a workable solution is reached to maintain security, without destroying the foundation of our 2nd Amendment.

• Our embassy in Israel will move in time for the celebration of Israel’s 70th year of independence. Since our decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has been very unpopular with some hostile nations, please pray that the transition from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is peaceful.

• With the testing of a new “stealth nuclear missile,” Russia has made a bold move to outflank the United States and gain a significant advantage over us. Please pray that our military closes the gap quickly and that stability is restored internationally.

• As the tax cut takes effect, the economy continues to thrive, but this is primarily due to the massive deregulation efforts of the Trump administration. Let us pray for continued prosperity.

• As the midterm elections approach, please be in prayer that God raises up solid, honest, honorable, and electable men and women to champion the cause of righteousness in our nation’s capitol.

• Although the markets have fluctuated considerably in the 1st quarter, God is blessing our nation with unprecedented growth. All economic indicators, including consumer confidence, are the highest they have been this millennium. Please pray that this growth continues and that it blesses all Americans.

Intercessory Prayer

Heavenly Father,
As we look about, our surroundings seem familiar. But everything has changed, and not all for the better. The nation that we love is so different from what it once was—from what it ought to be. There is a new spirit in America that dominates the thoughts of the immature, the naive, and the foolish. It is a haughty spirit that boasts of great things, while simultaneously vilifying those who disagree with its precepts, its beliefs, and its vision for the future. The proponents of Progressivism exalt themselves above heaven, claiming to be the champions of a better way— A new way that repudiates You, Father, Your children, and all that has made this nation the envy of the world.

In their arrogance, they refuse to give thanks to You, nor are they Willing to give credence for all that You have done for America. Instead, they willfully choose to serve a false god, while they Arrogantly champion a fake science, corruption, and statism, while joyfully mocking those of us who willfully bow our knees to You. Nevertheless, we refuse to accept their false beliefs as being valid. They hate us, Father, but we do not hate them. Instead, it is our heart’s desire to reach out to them with a message of love and redemption. Use us, Lord, to show them the foolishness of their ways, and help us Return America to the paths of righteousness that our forefathers prayerfully traveled for centuries. We ask this in Christ’s name,