Celebrating Our Nation’s Independence

By committing their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause they held dear—the freedom to speak and the freedom to worship God as they saw fit—our forefathers created a new nation. Since that day, the United States of America has been the envy of nations worldwide . . . (Click MONTHLY FEATURE for more.)

Each month, a new Christian Patriot Briefing will be made available to you. It will focus on current topics of interest and provide a perspective for you to not only learn about, but also to pray about. Because you what is happening from a Christian perspective, we are here to make that happen. (Subscribe below.)


Patriotic Prayer Initiative Continues

Our focus is on teaching, prayer, and action. When we present a united front, in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are a formidable power. Our goal is to increase in size as bring about change to America, returning our nation to its biblical foundations.